Fire Safety

Fire Safety Plans

Working with the local authority having jurisdiction and applicable legislation, our team can design a customized Fire Safety Plan for your building. Upon approval of the plan, we can assist you in its implementation.

Code Review

We offer the support and representation required to ensure accurate interpretation and implementation to achieve an acceptable level of due diligence and compliance. We specialize in providing code support services relative to:

  • Fire Codes (National and Provincial)
  • Building Codes (National and Provincial)
  • Health & Safety legislation
  • Privacy Acts & Standards
  • Security Acts and Standards

Life Safety Training

We specialize in the creation and presentation of customized Fire Safety Programs that provide clear and concise direction to those assigned responsibilities in the approved Fire Safety Plan. Simply having an approved Fire Safety Plan is not enough. The program is customized and designed with the responders in mind to ensure that they know their roles and responsibilities, those of their teammates and can act swiftly and effectively.